Residential Clean Energy Grant Program

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The Maryland Energy Administration ("MEA") offers the Residential Clean Energy Grant Program ("R-CEGP") to eligible Maryland homeowners who have installed qualified clean energy systems at their homes.

Using the link below, you can begin a residential solar photovoltaic ("PV"), solar hot water, or geothermal heating and cooling grant application using the Electronic Application System for the R-CEGP.

Increasing the amount of renewable energy is one of the State's key policy goals. The Maryland Energy Administration is tasked with achieving the state's Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). Currently, the RPS requires that 25% of energy sold in Maryland in 2020 come from qualified renewable energy resources, with 2% coming from qualified in-state solar resources.

MEA has recalculated the Clean Energy Grant incentives based on several factors including available funds, economies of scale, a desire for more equitable distribution of funds, the cost of clean energy technologies, capacity factors, potential annual production, and data analysis from past Clean Energy awards:  APPLY HERE

Residential Clean Energy Grant Incentives
Resource Conversion
Installed Capacity Range
Award/Capacity Unit
Solar Photovoltaics (PV)
1-20 kW

Solar Water Heating (SWH)
10-100 sq. ft.

New Geothermal Heating & Cooling (GHC) System


(New Well Field and HVAC Equipment)
1-10 tons

Geothermal Heating & Cooling (GHC) System Replacement


(Existing Well Field & Replacement of HVAC Equipment)​
​1-10 tons

Please see the Windswept Grant Progra​m page.
​Resource Conversion
Emissions Requirement

Stick Burning Stove​
​<3.0 grams of particulate matter per hour
​Pellet Burning Stove

​<2 grams of particulate matter per hour