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Maryland Home Energy Loan Program
The Maryland Energy Administration and the Maryland Clean Energy Center (MCEC) are partnering to provide loans of up to $20,000 at a 9.99% interest rate to Maryland property owners interested in improving the energy-efficiency of their homes. The Maryland Home Energy Loan Program (MHELP) is designed to complement existing utility rebates to help homeowners overcome the up-front cost barriers associated with whole-house energy efficiency upgrades.

MHELP will empower Marylanders to take control of their energy future and stimulate the growth of green collar jobs.

Dear Maryland Homeowner:

Congratulations on your decision to move forward on making your home more energy efficient. The Maryland Clean Energy Center is pleased to be a part of this process of  funding your energy efficient improvements.

The Maryland Clean Energy Center has partnered with Mariner Finance to qualify submitted applications. This partnership allows for a seamless and fast qualifying process through the coordination of efforts between the two organizations. Once you click the APPLY  you will be directed to Mariner Finance’s web site.

To qualify for A MHELP LOAN the equipment being installed must be ENERGY STAR rated.


Mariner Finance has been contracted by MCEC to process, and once approved, service credit. This partnership allows MCEC to be more efficient in implementing the MHELP program by using Mariner Finance’s expertise in qualifying energy loan applications.

Mariner Finance is solely responsible for approving applications, and MCEC is not involved with the approval process. You are encouraged to contact MCEC with any questions or comments in regards to Mariner Finance’s process and procedures at

When you are ready, click the APPLY button and you will be directed to an on-line application. You will be contacted by Mariner Finance to process your request. After you are pre-qualified, you may contact an approved contractor.

As of April 15, 2014, MHELP is only offering a single interest rate of 9.99% for all MHELP eligible projects.


How to Apply

Contractors, visit the Maryland Home Performance with ENERGY STAR webpage for details. Also, visit the MCEC contractor page to learn how to become a MHELP- approved contractor.​​​​​