LEED Certification Required for New homes 3250sqft

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Annapolis Green Building Code Fact Sheet Why Are Green Buildings Important?

 they conserve energy, water, and other natural resources  they can lower operating costs
 they are healthier for occupants

Buildings That Need To Receive Green Certification: (per City Code 17.14)

 Residential, non-residential, and commercial buildings that are larger than 7500 square feet  Any public building owned or occupied by municipal government
 Five or more single family or attached homes that resided on one lot or as a subdivision
Single family homes that are larger than 3250 square feet of conditioned space

Levels of Certification:

  Commercial or mixed use buildings need to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified-level rating OR equivalent energy and environmental design standards
  Public buildings need to meet LEED silver-level rating OR equivalent energy and environmental design standards
  Single family homes need to meet LEED certified-level rating, National Green Building Standard (NGBS) bronze-level rating, OR equivalent energy and environmental design standards

Green Building Applications Must Include:

For Site Design Review:
  Design plans
  LEED (or equivalent) checklist showing how surrounding landscape will comply with applicable standard
  LEED (or equivalent) checklist showing LEED points intended for the building inspection
  Written explanation of how all LEED points are achieved

For Building Permit:
 Design plans indicating all required details for intended points
 LEED checklist (or equivalent) and any other supporting documentation required

Final Approval:
  Before final inspections may be scheduled, documentation must be received and approved to verify compliance with these requirements
  Documentation requirements are extensive for the points selected therefore the project team is advised to accumulate documentation along the process of construction
  A final certificate of use and occupancy shall not be issued unless the completion of the green building requirements have been verified
  Please allow a minimum of one week for review after submission of documentation package before scheduling your final building inspection