Homeowner Hiring Tips for a Contractor

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ARE THEY PROPERLY LICENSED? Check the licenses carried by the contractor by visiting this site 

Maryland: https://www.dllr.state.md.us/pq/

DO THEY HAVE GENERAL LIABILITY COVERAGE? Make sure to get a copy of their policy from their insurance carrier!

DO THEY HAVE WORKERS COMP COVERAGE? Workers comp insurance isn't required for companies with fewer than 5 employees. Don't assume they have it!

DO THEY PULL ALL REQUIRED PERMITS? Unpermitted work can be a huge liability for home owners!

DO THEY HAVE GOOD INTERNET RATINGS? Check various rating sites to see how others experiences with the company have been.

DO THEY HAVE QUALITY REFERENCES? If they can't provide good references, there's probably a reason!

HAVE YOU SPOKEN WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS WORKED WITH THEM IN THE PAST? Speaking with past clients can provide great insight!

DO THEY HAVE ANY OUTSTANDING VIOLATIONS ON THIER LICENSES? These will show up when you check their licenses.

DO THEY HAVE A PHYSICAL OFFICE? You don't want them to disappear! Having a brick-and-mortor office helps ensure they will be accountable.

WHO ON THIER TEAM WILL YOU BE WORKING WITH? Make sure to meet (or at least speak with) the team which will be assigned to your project.