big new $$$$$$$$ program at CDA

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I wanted to get this exciting news out to you. There is a big new program at CDA. It is called the 6% Maryland Opportunity Grant.  They have supersized the grant program.  There are some great options to help with cash to close.  Here are some of the details:


Ø  6% of the base loan amount toward closing costs and down payment.

Ø  This is a true grant. No Payback like the DSELP loan of $5,000

Ø  Conventional 3% down CDA loan, 30 year fixed

Ø  Buyer can get in with zero with seller help.

Ø  First time buyer. Has not bought in the last three years

Ø  Homebuyer course can be online for any county and at any time. You don’t have to take in person ahead of time.

Ø  Cant use with any other grants or matching amounts from CDA

Ø  640 Score.  We can go down to a 640 credit score with automated approval.

Ø  Reservations for funds start 1/22.  Limited amount so be ready.


How does it work:


$300,000  sales price

$291,000  loan amount

$9,000 down payment

$12,000  closing and prepaids

$17,460 GRANT ASSIST (6% of base loan)

$   3,540  Seller help

$  0.00   borrower gets in for zero


Call me and we can discuss further. Have a great weekend.